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Oh boy, who doesn’t love hamburger? But hang on a second, where would you go for a good burger? Chain, fast food restaurants seem like the place people go to. But McDonalds? Well, it’s cheap but the food is subpar. If you don’t agree, I understand. I used to eat there all the time!

Red Robin seems to be a better place for a good burger. Though it is expensive and you know when you go to a sit down restaurant, you have to tip which is 15% of the already high prices.

What about Five Guys? Personally, I like the fries there. The hamburger is fine, but i would not go as far as to say it is best burger place.

Good Times is kind of the same as Five Guys. Classic American restaurant with a catching name. Good Times!

Carl’s Jr actually has awesome bacon burgers. I think prices are about 5-6 dollars (a little expensive for a burger, ha). But it’s worth the money. I used to eat to gain weight (i used to be skinny) and I ate their bacon burger all the time. Now I don’t need to gain any weight so I stay away from this unhealthy diet.

My first encounter with Burger King was when I spent a night out in Denver. It was pretty cold outside and I didn’t have lots of clothes on me so I went to Burger King, considering it as my sanctuary. Their burgers? Well, they are okay. If you just want to a quick meal, let’s go to Burger King.

The last restaurant I have been to is Stuft. Honestly, after eating there, I had to go on Facebook to like it. I think Stuft is an upscale restaurant like Red Robin but personally I prefer Stuft to Red Robin (but it’s just me, you can have a different opinion on that).

Well, I haven’t been to so many burger restaurant but hope that helps if you try to navigate through thousands of burger restaurants from coast to coast.


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