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Sushi is one of my favorite foods of all time. I like the taste of sushi and the texture is just wonderfully made. One time, I went to a sushi restaurant and ordered a dish that I didn’t understand what it really meant. Well, they brought out raw salmon fish for me, right in front of my face. I was freaked out actually because I never thought I would eat raw fish. Besides, I heard a story in Japan that there was this man who ate raw fish all his life and got worms in his brain because raw fish had worms. Isn’t that scary? But despite that story, I still like sushi. The reason I eat sushi is because I don’t really see the raw fish. You know, sushi is just a tiny tiny little guy and you don’t always make out what is in the thing that you eat. Well, I’m writing this because I don’t know too much about sushi and I guess lots of people don’t out there. If you are a sushi expert, just ignore my post.

That doesn’t stop me from going to Japanese restaurants after the incident with raw salmon. In fact, a few weeks after that incident, I went to a restaurant and ordered raw salmon (this time I knew what I was going to get) and I loved it. I expected myself to broaden my horizon sometimes and this turned out to be a good experience. Raw salmon tasted nothing like cooked salmon. They are soft and sweet and tasty. I was surprised when I ate it, to tell the truth.

I went to this restaurant called “Suhsushi.” When you walk in, a waiter would ask you if you want to dine in or take out. I said I was going to dine in. They allow you to take whatever seat you are comfortable seating in.  Then they bring you a bowl of miso soup. They have regular and spicy soup which is actually regular plus Sriracha.

photo 4 photo 5

I ordered Kim chi noodle soup which has eggs, seaweed, udon noodles and some other ingredients that I couldn’t make out. It tasted great. The spiciness of the dish is really complimentary in this cold weather in Colorado. One thing I particularly like about this dish is the fact that it has eggs in it. It was quite surprising to see how eggs tasted so good with spicy soup.

photo 3

So I went back another day to try out some of the sushi that they have. They have about 12 different kinds of sushi and I’m just not an expert so I ordered spicy tuna (because I like spicy).

photo 1

It didn’t taste very spicy unless you eat it with the ginger on the side. The mustard was very spicy I couldn’t handle it. Eating raw tuna is kind of fun because it doesn’t really taste like anything . I was not even feeling like I was eating fish.

Eating sushi makes me feel like I’m appreciating fine arts. They are so delicate and even eating them causes you to be delicate as well. Using chopsticks to pick a sushi up is quite an art if you are not so familiar with using chopsticks.

Then I saw a flame going up from a table next to me. It was quite impressive. The flame heated the sauce inside a aluminum foil. So I ordered it as well. It’s called Broncos sushi (not sure why it got that name but it was on sale the day I went there).

photo 2


It was basically rice with shrimp. The only thing that was off was the sweet sauce. It was a little too sweet for me (even though I have a sweet tooth). The shrimp itself was cooked perfectly and the sushi tasted okay without the sauce.

Anyway, I know I have been rambling too much about Suhsushi. I’m not sure this is a chain restaurant but if you live in Fort Collins, CO, you should pay a visit to the restaurant someday. There are so many Japanese restaurants out there and if you are a little adventurous, why not eat out once in a while and try out different ethnic cuisines? It brings you a little different perspective on what is good food in different parts of the world.


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