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My name is Harry Nguyen. I am from Vietnam. Coming to the US, I have tried and cooked a variety of American, Italian and Japanese foods. Being a college student, I want to share my recipes with people who want simple and often cheap recipes to cook after a hard day of work or school. Although I am majoring in Economics and English, and it doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with cooking, I love cooking. I cook whenever I have time. Cooking brings me a clear mind and helps me find balance in life. I also like to go to local restaurants to try out local flavors. Though with a tight budget, I only eat out on special occasions.

I’m living in Fort Collins, CO by myself. It is quite an experience transitioning from Hanoi, Vietnam to this quite town. My hometown is very busy with people on the street all the time. This town is quite the opposite but I like the quietness of the neighborhood.  I also like to hang out with my friends when I have time because people are just so nice to each other here.

My philosophy in life is to live to the fullest. I try my best to live my life as cheerfully and energetically as possible. I also appreciate hard work. I would work hard to achieve my goals rather than wait for luck to come. Even though I do believe luck exists and it can help smooth things out.

I started cooking when I was a little kid. My mom didn’t like to cook so most of the time, I was the person who gave her different ideas on the dinner menus. It didn’t always work out though but I’m glad that I was involved in cooking in early age. My grandma is the opposite of my mom. She loves to cook and she cooks deliciously. Every time I go to my grandma’s. I’m excited to try out different things that she cooks. I have learned quite a bit about Vietnamese cooking from my grandma. However, when I came to the US, I found out that cooking is a lot bigger and more complex than I ever imagined. I started cooking different types of cuisine around the world. Still I focus a lot on American and European cuisines. One time my mom told me she was surprised that I prefer American food to Vietnamese food but I just laughed. I don’t know why but I do like American food a lot.


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