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Besides cooking, I love to write. I want to become a professional writer one day and this blog prepares me for that path. Listed below are my written work that I completed for other classes. They are quite different from writing a blog but it is fun to try out different kinds of writing.

I wrote these two poems for my creative writing class. I got an A for it so I think I would share with my beloved readers of my blog. These poems are about my experience with love and the hope to find true love in life. These poems are a final product after a few revisions with my peers and my teacher. I have developed a sense of fiction writing after this class, though, this doesn’t seem to be a thing I want to do professionally other than for fun.

Kairos Essay

I wrote this essay for my Rhetoric class. Because this is an upper level class, it wasn’t very easy for me to complete the paper. The completion of this paper is something that I’m proud of. The essay talks about Steve Jobs’ death and how Apple used the news for its multi-million dollar sales record. I learned a lot about rhetoric and its history after taking this class. I had three papers done for this class but this was the hardest. It pushed me to open my horizon as a writer with a broader sense of rhetoric.

My cooking video

This is my first recored video to show me cooking. I chose chicken stew for this video since it is close to Christmas. Since I’m not tech savvy, i don’t know how to embed the video here but you can click on the link above, it will direct you to Youtube. Hope you would enjoy learning how to make chicken stew.



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