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The Food Network website offers a wide variety of high quality videos from cooking videos to how-to videos to shows that their chefs are on. Most of the time, you find a recipe without a video. Sometimes they offer videos. One setback of watching videos on the Food Network is ads. Playing a video without ads is almost impossible. However, it’s quite easy to navigate videos that you want to see. First you choose the chef that you want to watch, then you go to the video section. This section includes their shows and cooking videos.They are also very good at providing videos and recipes for the holidays. So this coming Christmas, you can find various videos from various chefs on how to make cookies, decorate tables, and Christmas trees.

Epicurious provides you with simple how-to videos, chef interviews, tips on decorating your kitchen, and recipe videos. The how-to videos are very practical for everyday cooking, ranging from how to cook eggs over easy to how to dice, how to chop. These tips can be easily and almost instantly applied for your regular meals. They have this section Holiday with Master Chefs where they present a very informal setting with a chef and his daughter showing how to make fried chicken. The daughter helps with the cooking but at the same time creating an opportunity for the chef to explain terms that not everyone might know like what is a brine. The website is part of the Conde Nast family, including the New Yorker, Glamour, Detail, Vanity Fair, etc.

Cooking Light provides more advanced how-to videos than Epicurious. These how-to videos are actually recipes but they show you how to do lots of simple things like how to cut avocados , crunch tortilla chips, extract lime juice…You can learn a lot of simple cooking techniques from watching their videos. Their recipes are not as advanced as the Food Network, thus, they are not difficult to make at home. With almost step by step instruction videos, they are a perfect place for beginning and intermediate cooks. Another thing about Cooking Light is that they offer fast recipes which is great for people who don’t have lots of time to spare.

Fine Cooking offers a range of videos regarding to how-tos, recipes, how kitchen appliances work, and cooking tips. All the videos are included into a video section with 8 subcategories. For example, the video recipes category, they have these videos with no talking, just step by step instruction and charming background music. The videos are not as detailed as Cooking Light but are equipped with text explaining each step. With no talking, it can sometimes feel boring but with picture perfect scenes, you just want to watch more and more. The recipes are from beginning to intermediate level. In another category Homegrown/homemade, they teach you how to plant trees like peas and how to harvest them. They do that with onions, carrots, basil, etc.

All recipes, like the Food Network, has a rich variety of videos. You can find cooking tips, recipes, tips on how to prepare for the holidays. The cooking videos don’t show the chefs like the Food Network but rather they have instructional voiceover. The videos are categorized into every cooking, ingredients, meals and courses, holidays and events, desserts, and web shows. It’s fun to pick one category you like and choose one subcategory in that category, they have a ton of videos for your entertainment. One example is web shows, cake decorating. They have videos on how to decorate a cake into different shapes like a volcano, a fire truck, a caterpillar, etc.


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